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ASUNA / Aihara 1825, City Heim Kiri B-207 [2CD]

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【disc one】 1 : Intermittent Notes, 99 Tones, 46 Keyboards. (29:30) 2 : 3 Twigs, 3 Pools, 23 Reed Organs. (31:08) 【disc two】 1 : Sewing Grid Steps, 19 C Patterns, 2 Blue Synths. (28:44) 2 : Mountain Between Ice Cream from 30 Room Notes. (33:37) [sample] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L9pDD-Ko5ck AIHARA 1825, CITY HEIM KIRI B-207 is best album of double disc from late 2000s of ASUNA. One track, 99 overdubbing by intermittent notes of each different tone of keyboards and synthesizers. One track, Abstract melodic drone of the his characteristic reed organ. One track, Two analog synthesizers with the unstable programming language of the computer. One track, Compiled in 30 variety of home recordings, The story of the countryside of Tokyo where he lived for 11 years. Each 4 songs has a different way. those are next new compositions after the drone period of ASUNA. Composed and Recorded by Asuna Arashi. 1997-2013 Mastered by Shuta Ishizuka Designed by Akira Sasaki ASUNA - THIS (2008) https://headz-overseas.stores.jp/items/527557673e7a4a093e0003f9 ASUNA - ORGAN LEAF (2018) https://headz-overseas.stores.jp/items/5ab077b6122a7d1b030000ef

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