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【those disc】 1. Doze Morning Kitchen 2. February Papaver Ripples 3. Blurred Manta Ocean 【these disc】 1. Distant Month Old 2. Four Days Before 3. So Far Weeks THIS is best album of double disc from early 2000s of ASUNA. With a focus on old lead organ symbolizing ASUNA’s drone, Sensitive ache electronics sounds, Recordings of the cries of the moment ASUNA was born, Ambience of the future stellar aquarium, Strings drone of guitar, violin, cello, two clarinets, bass clarinet, Echo of faint memories. Those processed soundscapes are shifting seamlessly like old scenery movie. Composed and Recorded by Asuna Arashi. 1999-2008 Additional Notes; 'Blurred Manta Ocean’ - Re-edited from "a certain aquarium" (360° records), Gratitude for Niji. 'Four Days Before’ - Takahiro Mochida plays Cello, Sayaka Aoyama plays Violin, Yasuyo Toi plays Bass Clarinet. 'So Far Weeks’ - Yasuyo Toi plays Clarinet. Mastered by Kazumi Namba Designed by Akira Sasaki ASUNA - AIHARA 1825, CITY HEIM KIRI B-207 (2013) https://headz-overseas.stores.jp/items/5275563d236a1e84fa0007ce ASUNA - ORGAN LEAF (2018) https://headz-overseas.stores.jp/items/5ab077b6122a7d1b030000ef

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