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ASUNA 『Organ Leaf』 (CD)

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Track list: 1. Citrus Trees, Wheels Paddle, Azurite Sea, July 2. Stray Rabbit, Morning Fog, November 3. Strawberry Circuit, Childhood Sister, Seasons Letter, October 4. Ten Petals, Small Calm, May [sample] https://soundcloud.com/headzpromo/asuna Reissued for the firtst time in over 15 years! ORGAN LEAF is the debut album in a foreign country from ASUNA originally released in 2003 on Alejandra & Aeron's label Lucky Kitchen, Spain. These tracks are compile from his early works of cassette tape in recorded during the period of around 2000 - 2002. //////////// ASUNA is a very young Japanese musician. His reed organ plays are surprisingly sweet and melancholic. Through nearly academic methodology he makes tracks to evoke the seasons he sees changing outiside his window overlooking the hills of the Tokyo outskirts. - Alejandra & Aeron, 2003. //////////// Japanese sound artist & multi-instrumentalist ASUNA began making experimental music and installation work at a very young age in 90s. At that time, he made a lot cassette tape sold at experimental record shop called "Los Apson?" & "Kurara Audio Arts" in Tokyo. In actual, ASUNA is a pioneer of experimental ambient / drone scene in Japan and his music influenced other Japanese electronics musicians at that time. however when he was very young and he was not playing the show, so his music was only known to experimental music freak in Tokyo. This reissue is to re-valuation of his music for on the rise. ASUNA music is often referred to as "Ambient Drone" recently. But when he released ORGAN LEAF it was completely different. Ambient and Drone were conflicting. Of course, he like some early ambient music. But nowadays, ambient music is just bgm for narcissistic life. he is fed up with ambient musicians who connect music with zen mind and everyday life. it too stereotypes. As an adventure in composition works ORGAN LEAF, he aimed for stimulate and pastoral melt of new electronics sound and acoustic instruments. His drone music had a provocative and challenging rebellious mind that Tony Conrad had like. HEADZ label organized Phill Niblock show in Tokyo 2003. when ASUNA played opening act and his first show in Tokyo. Then he started the performance other than recording and exhibition. HEADZ label have been release some his recording works of masterpiece ever since. Composed and Recorded by Asuna Arashi. July 2000 - October 2002 Paintings by Saiko Kimura Originally Released on Lucky Kitchen in 2003. ASUNA - THIS (2008) https://headz-overseas.stores.jp/items/527557673e7a4a093e0003f9 ASUNA - AIHARA 1825, CITY HEIM KIRI B-207 (2013) https://headz-overseas.stores.jp/items/5275563d236a1e84fa0007ce

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