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HOSE / The Old Ones: Forgotten Recordings of HOSE (heavyweight 2LP with DL cord)

4,860 JPY

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HOSE is back after a 7-year disappearance! their long-awaited new release is a double heavyweight LP of best and rare tracks. all previously released tracks are re-mixed and some parts were secretly re-recorded in 2018. this is a must-listen record for HOSE beginners and experts alike! A side: 1. Shipwrecking 2. Golem hunt 3. Mud's Tango 4. Baseball B side: 1. Captain The Deceased 2. stones 3. on extinction * C side: 1. The Vanished 2. gone astray 3. a death of wooden stick 4. Saito Hose's Holly House 5. Inui Hajime * D side: 1. a thing that is not as it has been used to be 2. A Journey to Prefecture N * *previously unreleased HOSE: Masafumi Ezaki: trumpet Toshihiro Koike: trombone Taku Unami: guitar, compose Tomoya Izumi: bass Reiji Hattori: bodhrán Kazushige Kinoshita: violin (A3) / Éric La Casa: sound (A3, B1) / Sean Meehan: percussion (B1) / Jun Fukasawa: drums (B1) / Moé Kamura: voice (B1) / Isao Okishima: tale (B1) / JON the dog: organ (B2) / Kanji Nakao: trombone (D1) / Koki Tanaka: video (D2) recorded from 2007 to 2018 / mixed and mastered by TU drawing by TI / photo by KN,TU / design by Akira Sasaki

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